Open .dss file Extension

File Type : Audio file type

Compatible with: (WinXP,Vista,Win7,Win8 and Win10)

Searching for a program to open .dss files?
"Receiving an error "Windows cannot open this file!", is probably the most common problem faced by millions of users every day. This happens either because the required program to open that file does not exist on your system or there might be some other related error."
we recommend that you run a free scan to check for missing drivers.


ExtensionSmallImg What is .dss file?

DSS files or Digital Speech Standard Files are the audio files saved by a digital voice recorder or speech recognition program. DSS files were originally developed under the International Voice Association (IVA). It stores voice audio data in a highly-compressed format. It is mostly used for professional record settings. DSS file format is a simple and cost effective means of sending high-quality voice files attachment with emails. DSS files may be written with metadata, such as the date and time, audio length etc. DSS files can be converted to more common audio file types, such as.WAV files

Recommended Software Programs to open .dss file

Microsoft Windows:
  • IBM VivaVoice
  • Olympus DSS Player Lite
  • Olympus DSS Player
  • IBM ViaVoice
Apple Mac OS X:
  • IBM VivaVoice
  • Olympus DSS Player Lite Software for Mac
  • IBM ViaVoice